Early Spring Menu Release

New menu alert! 🚨 This is our LAST WEEK for our Late Winter menu. We’re making the transition into #spring and this new menu certainly reflects those bright and fresh spring flavors.
Due to popularity Cherry Amaretto will continue through late spring. This past Saturday @littleitalymercato you may have tried my new Sweet & Hot Pepper Jelly, it was an absolute hit so I’ll definitely make it again but due to the labor requirement I have to put it into the limited reserve section of my menu along with the amazing Dragonfruit Lime. I’m just so excited for all of these flavors! I’ve also been trying out some fruit I’ve never worked with before so you may see more flavors added, keep checking back! Starting this week you can now find me on Thursday’s @shopnorthparkmarket in addition to Tuesday’s @pacificbeachmarket & Wednesday’s @littleitalywednesdaymarket. I also hope to keep seeing you @littleitalymercato and @occfms one Saturday per month (2/22 this month!)


February 11, 2020 — Chanel Ott