Sugars, Sweeteners and Sugar Free Jam

Today I want to share a bit about “low sugar” & “sugar free” jams. I took these pictures of the ingredients list for 3 popular jams that contain no cane sugar.


Let’s break down some of these ingredients-

Polydextrose; poly is the Greek prefix that means many. This is a dietary fiber synthesized from glucose (sugar) and sorbitol which is a low calorie carb.               


Maltodextrin is a a glucose and filler/preservative.


Locust Bean Gum is a filler and thickener made from carob.


Sucralose is another sweetener.


Agave syrup is higher on the glycemic index than just plain unprocessed cane sugar.


Fruit juice may be intended solely for color, however fruit juices are known to be higher in sugar and something diabetics should always avoid.


When I began making jam I was extremely conscious of the sugar content. I experimented with agave, stevia, monk fruit, honey, coconut sugar and more. I ultimately decided on unprocessed cane sugar for many reasons:

  1. I could actually use far less (1/2 cup in 48+oz)
  2. I wouldn’t need to use an preservatives besides the citric acid found in the pectin
  3. My carbon footprint would be smaller
  4. It simply just tastes best (in my opinion of course)


My ingredients are simple: sweet whole fruit, water, an herb, spice or liqueur/liquor, sugar and pectin. 99% of my ingredients are organic and hand sourced by me. I strive to deliver the most well crafted jams made with love, attention and intention. Please send me a message if you have any questions or you’d like to learn more about these jams.


October 01, 2019 — Chanel Ott