I didn't set out to sell my jams when I first started, I just wanted to preserve the deliciousness of summer and share it with friends and family for the holidays (along with other delicious treats).

Cooking has always been my time, I don't necessarily relax but I am able to make right any wrongs of my day with dash of salt and the sizzle of garlic. It's my time to create ordered chaos and deliciousness, to create from thin air and answer only to my taste buds.

My first little jars of jam were so popular that I forgot to keep a few for our house so the idea faded until I again found myself with a surplus of fruit the next summer. So the cycle went for a few years until I finally caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided to make this into a business. What followed was a few years of experimenting, taste testing, recipe creation and research. 

I've come a long way from my first tasting party to the brand today; every step of the way striving to offer my very best, always made with love and intention.